Nov 8 2019

Granite Worktops, Kitchen Worktops, Splashbacks & Floor Tiles From Granite Transformations, granite kitchen worktops.

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Welcome to the world of home transformations

Where top quality materials and good honest craftsmanship come together to transform your kitchen, bathroom or other living areas, often in just one day. There’s the extra bonus that your work will be carried out without mess, fuss or unnecessary waste, at a fraction of the cost of totally new installations. You keep your familiar working layout, saving on extensive rewiring, replumbing and demolition, while Granite Transformations refaces your countertops, tiles and cabinets with gorgeous new surfaces. There are hundreds of materials, styles to choose from, allowing you to customise your décor and create the makeover of your dreams. There’s the added peace of mind that we take care of absolutely everything, from measuring up to handing over, and guarantee all of our materials.

Granite kitchen worktops

Seeing is believing!

Words and pictures alone cannot do justice to our products. Find your nearest showroom.

Granite kitchen worktops

Our Vast Colour Range

There is something to suit all styles and tastes in our vast product range.

Granite kitchen worktops

Restoration Nightmare

See how we helped Sarah Beeny transform

her home at Rise Hall.

Granite kitchen worktops

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Granite kitchen worktops

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Granite kitchen worktops

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Granite kitchen worktops

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The top that fits on top

Granite kitchen worktops

Granite kitchen worktops

Granite kitchen worktops

What distinguishes a Granite Transformations makeover from all others is our remarkable top that fits on top . Unlike regular work surfaces, our material is made only a quarter of an inch (6.7mm) thick and is especially lightweight, so that it can be installed over existing worktops, without removing the original or needing extra underpinnings. That means it can also be laid over bathroom tiles or fitted onto walls as a shower liner or decorative finish.

We offer practical and affordable, luxury surfaces that look stunning and add style and value to your home. Around a million customers worldwide have put their faith in our products and taken advantage of our outstanding lifetime warranty on worktop materials. That is why the top that fits on top continues to stay on top.

1. Cheaper than granite – 2. Simple to install – 3. No household disruption – 4. Comes with added sparkle

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