Nov 8 2019

Georgia s #1 on Your Lot Build – Capital Home Builders, kitchen cabnets.

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    About Our Company

    Georgia’s #1 Custom High-End Home Builder. Words are just words, but we can show you what a true custom high-end home looks like QUALITY this word has been used and abused by local builders, so we try not to use this word when discribing our High-End custom homes. Don’t be fooled by these quality cheaply built homes and bad builders in Thomasville, South Georgia. It would be really smart of you to, really take a look of other builders claim at Custom like builders in South Georgia. They have no idea what a true Custom Energy Smart home really is. These are truly what they call “sheep in wolf’s clothing”, in other word Spic Low minimum code built Homes . The only type of homes you will find around Georgia are energy hog homes. Our kitchen and Bathroom cabinetry are custom and with 10 year warranty, other builders use low end off the shelves or have tractor trailer of Cheap chinese knockoff cabnets for their so-called custom new homes. [. ]

    We are the BEST! Builder.

    CHB New Homes’ mission is to create value for our home buyers by building excellence homes with engineered affordability. This means our house plans have been systematically evaluated to ensure that we deliver the best value, per square foot, to our homeowners. Homebuyers will feel confident in their choice to partner with award-winning CHB New Homes. We are the number one Builder in Thomasville, Valdosta, and South Georgia as well as the #1 Georgia HERS Rated homebuilder. With all new CHB Homes we systematically evaluate our entire house plans to ensure that we can deliver the best value, per square foot, to our homeowners. Our homes come standard with so many energy saving features such as the best effective insulation possible, high performance windows, quick recovery water heaters and much, much more high efficiency features you will not find in any other home in Georgia.

    We are the only and first builder to offer a 2 year electrical bill guarantee and the only builder building 2×6 exterior walls with 10′ ceilings. Homes being built in Thomasville, and South Georgia, do not measure to our Energy Efficient HERS Rated homes.[. ]

    Looking for a new home in Thomasville, GA. stay away from two landscapers building low cheaply built homes in Peackock point, unfortunately they alrady sold one to a person that was not Smart enough to know any better. These homes they are trying to sale for $169,900 is not worth it.[. ]

    Energy Efficiency with HERS

    There is real proof that energy efficient homes are worth more and enjoy higher resale values than their counterparts. A study conducted by Earth Advantage Institute, a nonprofit group, found that newly built homes that were certified as energy efficient sold on average for 8% more than non-certified homes (the study looked at homes in the six-county Portland metropolitan area). Not only that but certified existing homes sold for up to 30% more than their non-certified counterparts. In addition, another study, conducted jointly by the University of North Carolina and the Institute for Market Transformation, found that on average mortgage default risks were 32% lower on homes certified as energy efficient. In order to be deemed energy efficient, a home must first be energy rated.

    The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index is the industry standard by which a home’s energy efficiency is measured. Every CHB Home comes with an independently certified HERS rating, which is part of our commitment to be a RESNET Energy Smart Builder. [. ] Please contact what we feel is the best Realtor in Thomasville, GA. Marlene @ 229-289-0139 or She Will show you all properties avalable not the ones that benefit her with the most commission.

    New Homes for sale in peacock point in Thomasville, GA are not worth the price they are trying to get, why because they are cheaply built with GA. code and not Energy Smart homes. They are not worth $179,900

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